It is a great option for those who want to take advantage of the relaxing forest air of the plain connecting the city and Ölüdeniz, and get away from the noise and suffocating of the city. In our villa, which has a comfortable location in terms of transportation, every opportunity is provided for you to have a wonderful holiday. Our villa is definitely cleaned before it is delivered to our guests. Every utensil of maximum use is provided for the kitchen. Our villa has 2 double beds and 2 single beds, has 2 floors, has a private pool and has a maximum capacity of 7 people.

1. Bedroom: There is a double bed, bedside table, wardrobe, air conditioner, balcony, toilet and bathroom.

2. Bedroom: There is a double bed, air conditioner, bedside table, toilet and bathroom.

3. Bedroom; There are two single beds, bedside tables, make-up table, wardrobe, air conditioner, balcony.

Kitchen: In the modern American kitchen, there are refrigerator, oven, microwave oven, stove, dinnerware, cutlery set, pots, pans, glasses and other kitchen equipment.

Living Room: There is a sitting group, TV, air conditioning.

Garden: There is a private swimming pool, sun loungers, umbrellas, sitting group, dining table, private barbecue area (fireside).

+About the region

Ovacik is a settlement that is famous for its restaurants, cafes and bars. Thanks to its proximity to Ölüdeniz, it is easy to reach the sea. When you want to get down to the city from Ovacik, it provides easy access with its location.

Our guests who want to take advantage of the relaxing forest air of Ovacik and get away from the noise and suffocating of the city, while choosing a villa for rent in Fethiye, one of the most important reasons why they prefer the Ovacik region is that the region is exclusive to villas. Ovacik region, where transportation is easy, is 2 km from Ölüdeniz, 9 km from Fethiye, 16 km from Calis Beach and 55 km from Dalaman. Our Villa for Rent in Oludeniz is 55 KM from the Airport, 100 m from the Market, 2 KM from the nearest beach, Oludeniz, 100 m from the Restaurant, 200 m from the Public Transport and 300 m from the Ovacik Center. With its spacious rooms, balconies and barbecue facilities, Papatya villa, which aims to offer you a peaceful holiday with your family or friends, fully meets the expectations of holidaymakers.

+Alternative options

*** Our guests who are looking for alternative accommodation or more suitable accommodation in the region can examine the Sunday Villa.


A damage deposit is taken from our guests who want to stay in our rental villa, Papatya villa, and if there is no damage, loss, etc. in the rented villas at check-out, the damage deposit is refunded to our guest who leaves the rental villa.

All products such as sheets, pique pillowcases, bath towels, hand face towels, foot towels are washed by our cleaning company and delivered to our guests as clean, and an interim cleaning is provided every 7 days. In the intermediate cleaning, the sheets, towels, etc. of our weekly rental villa are replaced with new ones and the bathroom is cleaned. Interim Cleaning is a service offered to our guests who stay in our rental villas for 14 days or more.


+ Alternative options
We recommend you to review Villa Sunday for our guests who are looking for alternative accommodation in the region.

Activities and Places to Visit

You can get information and ticketing assistance from our representative or our Local Guide Staff, who provide special services for you, regarding the activities, activities and places to visit in Fethiye. You can watch our promotional video prepared for you by clicking the link.

Apart from renting, you can also access the services provided by Solo Villa, which provides agency services as Solo Plus Travel Agency, at Solo Plus Travel Agency, a registered Travel agency with document number 13254, is a Solo Group company and its priority is Solo Villa guests.
If you are an adventure lover who says I am my own guide, you can reach the maps we have prepared for you and whose links we have shared below.

Bays and Beaches in Fethiye

Places to visit in Fethiye

Restaurants and entertainment venues

Things to Consider

For more detailed information, you can click on the link and review the villa's user manual.

We think it is important to share some information in order to provide better service to our valued guests.

Villa Check-in Time: 16:00 / Villa Check-out Time: 10:00

Pool and garden maintenance is carried out by professional companies in our region.

Guests are welcome, but your guest cannot be allowed to stay without our knowledge; because each person staying must be registered.

We kindly ask you not to make noise and not to listen to very loud music in a way that will disturb your surroundings and your neighbors around you.

We kindly ask you not to smoke inside the villa.

Our houses are for holiday purposes. It is not used for crowded events such as parties.

However, if we do not have guests in our neighboring villa on your special days, we would like to help you.

Due to the reasons arising from the infrastructure of the region, care should be taken not to operate electrical appliances at the same time. Make sure that the air conditioners are turned off when you leave the house for energy saving purposes. Otherwise, our other villa guests may also be exposed to a possible power outage.

We love our little friends..However, since the landscape and interior of the house are not suitable for their accommodation, we cannot accept pets in our villas unless otherwise stated.

We kindly ask you not to collect our garbage and to throw it in the nearest garbage containers or trash cans in the region. Thus, we keep our environment clean and protect it from pollution.

All of the villas have a hot water tank of approximately 160 liters heated by solar energy. We would like to remind you that we are not responsible for problems caused by the lack of hot water due to excessive consumption of hot water, except for fair use.

We kindly ask you to close your umbrellas in strong wind and rain.

Pest control is done regularly in our villas. However, you may still encounter natural life surprises (fly, insect, bee, etc.). During the day, you can ask our gardener for support in this regard.

We kindly ask you to use textile products (towels, sheets etc.) and villa equipment as cleanly and carefully as at home. Please do not use bath towels as beach towels (do not use on sunbeds).

Our villas are cleaned by the best cleaning company in our region for our valued customers and delivered to our valued customers in a clean way.

Extra cleaning and change of linens is done for a fee.

A certain amount of deposit is taken from you at the entrance of the villa. After it is determined that there is no loss in the controls made at the exit from the villa, this fee is returned to you at the exit. Major damages over the deposit may be requested by you, provided that the invoice is shown by us.

We have a staff member during working hours to help you with your problems and needs during your stay. In case of any problems or if you have any questions, you can call our staff during working hours and ask for help.

In line with your request, baby beds and high chairs are rented by companies that supply cleaning.
We have thought of all the details you may need in your stay in order to host you, our valued guests, in the best possible way and to ensure that you have a perfect holiday.

We would be happy if you share your suggestions and opinions with us.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you a good holiday.




Comments & Points

Fiyat Dengesi

Haluk akpençe


" İki aile dostu ilk başta çok tedirgin bir şekilde yol koyulduk lakin solo villa ekibi gerek ilgilileriyle gerek güler yüzlüleriyle içimizi ısıttılar. Şimdiden bir sonraki sene için adresimiz yeniden burası olacak. Her şey için çok teşekkürler. "



" We spent one week at Papatya villa. All was very good and clean. We enjoy a lot our holiday! The owner is very nice and available at any time. I recommend you this villa! "

Fatih Ediz


" Güzel bi tatil geçirdik hem villadan hem Solo ekibinden çok memnun kaldık ilgisi alakanızdan dolayı teşekkür ederiz. "

Koray Çavuşoğlu


" Villa temiz ve eksiksiz olarak teslim edildi .Havuz büyüklüğü ve derinliği çok ideal günlük temizlendi sıkıntı olmadı hiç .Evin tüm eşyaları çok kaliteli. Bahçesi oldukça geniş çocuklar rahatça koşuşturdular. Konumu çok iyi denize yakın dağ havası var, Hisarönü merkeze de yakın. Özellikle modern yapısı, temizliği, misafirin rahatı ve ihtiyaçları düşünülerek tasarlanmış ve donatılmış bir villa, gönül rahatlığı ile gidin kalın. "

Berna Taşkın


" Koranadan dolayı villa tercih ettik bu ilk villa deneyimimizdi. Evin odaları ve bahçesi geniş ferah. Evde her türlü ihtiyaç gideren eşyalar mevcut. Fotoğraflarda ne görünüyorsa o :) Villa oldukça temiz ve bakımlı olmakla birlikte Ölüdenize yakın. Villanın tasarımına, kullanışlılığına, konforuna bayıldık. Doğasıyla ,konumuyla ,sakinliğiyle gönlümüzü fetheden bir yer oldu. "

Uğur Olcay


" Villanın içerinde her şey en ince ayrıntısına kadar misafirlere konforlu bir tatil sağlayabilmek için düşünülmüş. Evin temizliği, dizaynı, havuzun büyüklüğü ve etrafın sessizliği gerçekten çok güzel. Aynı zamanda havuzun korumalı olup etraftan görünmemesi daha rahat tatil yapabilmemizi sağladı. Hiçbir sıkıntı yaşamadan 1 hafta keyifli zaman geçirdik. Kesinlikle herkese tavsiye edeceğim bir villa, aynı şekilde güvenilir bir site. "

Gülnur Özsoy


" Her şey anlatıldığı gibiydi. Gidince hiç beklemeden giriş yaptık. Bizi karşılayan beyefendi, bölgeye ilk gelişimiz olduğu için; neler yapabileceğimiz ve nerelere gidebileceğimiz konusunda oldukça detaylı ve yararlı bilgiler verdi. Bahçesi ve evin içi insanın içini açıyordu. Hem yukarıda hem aşağıda terası vardı. havuz ilaçlanıp temizleniyordu. Gerçekten ev bahçe temizlik süperdi. İşte aradığımız tatil dedik. "

Tuğba Yılmaz


" Onlarca villa arasından bu villayı beğenip seçtik. Mimarisi ve iç kalitesi yüksek. Odaların yerleşimi mükemmel ve yeterli sayıda banyo ve tuvalet düzenlemiş. Odalara bayıldık. Konumu gereği hem sakin ve sessiz bir konumda hemde alışveriş yerleri, hisarönü, ölüdeniz ve market gibi yerlere yakın konumda. Villa fotolarda gördüğünüz gibi olumsuz bir şey yaşamazsınız yani. "

Mert Özgün


" Villaya bayıldık. İçindeki eşyalardan bahçesine kadar her şey kusursuzdu. Konforlu bir tatil için hiçbir detayı göz ardı etmemişler. Gelecek yıllardaki favori yerlerimizden biri oldu. Seneye görüşmek dileğiyle. "

Şebnem Sever


" İç ve dış peyzajıyla bizi kendine hayran bırakan bir villa oldu. Şimdiye kadarki en güzel tatilimiz oldu. Sayenizde keyifli bir tatil geçirdik. "

Yasin Kızıl


" Solo villa bize hayatımızda unutamayacağımız bir tatil sundu. Bunun için ne kadar teşekkür etsek az. İhtiyacımız olabilecek her şey vardı. Ölüdenizde tercih edeceğiniz ilk villalardan biri burası olmalı. "

Gülsanem Kasacı


" Ölüdenizde olmasıyla mimarisiyle tam aradığımız bir tatil modeliydi. Villa da her şey eksiksiz bulunuyor. Havuzu yeteri kadar büyük ve temiz. Her şey dört dörtlüktü. "

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