+ Making Reservation

- After the reservation form is filled, 30% of the total payment amount is sent to Solo Villa via the bank. As soon as the prepayment is received, the reservation form is signed, stamped and sent to our guest. The remaining amount is paid in cash upon arrival.

+ Villa Entry / Exit

General Villa check-in time: 15:00, Check-out time: 10:00. Check-in and check-out times vary according to the villas, and according to availability, early or late check-out is possible. Our friends on the subject will help.

+ Deposit

- Before entering the villas / apartments where accommodation will be made, a deposit of 500 TL for the villas and 200 TL for the apartments is received. If there is no problem in the house or in the furniture and equipment at the exit, it will be returned at the exit.

+ Number of people to stay

- If you come with more than the number of guests specified in the Villa / Apartments, there is an extra payment or one-sided cancellation of the reservation. If there is such a situation, we should definitely be informed by e-mail or telephone and a written confirmation should be obtained. Discounts are not available for guests staying below capacity. Pricing is based on overnight stays, not the number of people.

+ Pets

- Pets are not allowed in any house except the ones mentioned on our site. Some of our guests bring animals such as small dogs or cats without consulting, saying that they do not cause trouble. However, the reason why pets are not allowed in every home is primarily the wish of the host, hygiene and especially our guests with allergies.

+ Prepayment

- A prepayment of 20% of the accommodation fee is received from each guest who will stay and their reservations are confirmed. The return and cancellation conditions are specified in the RENTAL CONDITIONS section.

+ Extra Expenses / Services included in the price

- The services and services that are not included for each Villa / Apart on our site are specified in the descriptions. Services that are generally included or not are indicated on the right side of the homepage.

+ What to bring for vacation

- The villas and apartments have complete kitchen equipment. In case it is missing, our colleagues in charge will supply you within the day. Sheets and Towels are also provided. beach towels are not available in any of our homes. Since it is a completely personal need, our guests who want to use it are kindly requested to bring them themselves.

+ Pool and Garden Care

- Pool and garden maintenance is done daily. It is usually done very early in the morning. The fact that our guests have not seen the Gardener does not mean that the gardener has not come. As Solo Villa, our priority is for you to have a quality and healthy holiday. In sheltered villas, the gardener never carries out pool or garden maintenance without the knowledge of the landlord.

+ Cleaning

-Villa / Apartments are completely cleaned and delivered to you just before you arrive. If your stay is over 7 days (10 days in some villas), intermediate cleaning is done. Sheets and towels cover the cleaning. No extra charges are required.

+ Minimum stay

- Minimum stay is 5 nights. For stays of less than 5 nights (3 nights minimum), an extra cleaning fee is charged. The extra costs for each Villa and apartment are specified individually in each house.

+ What is a Sheltered Villa

- Sheltered Villas are a type of villas designed to ensure that conservative families have a peaceful holiday together. In particular, the comfort of conservative families was considered, with the aim of never to see the pool and its surroundings from the surroundings.

+ Are Houses Insured?

- We strongly recommend that all our guests on vacation take out travel insurance. The insurance obligations in the houses are entirely at the initiative of the property owner, and these insurances cover the house, not the vacationers.

+ Vehicle requirements

- All of our holidaymakers are recommended to use or rent a car in order to have a comfortable transportation.

+ Rent a car

- Since Solo Plus Travel is a part of Solo Grup LTD, like Solo Villa, you can supply all kinds of daily tours and car rental services from Solo Plus travel.

+ Reliability

- On our site, all our company information and tax number have been disclosed in the About us section. You can check online and the markings of our houses are marked exactly with google street view.

+ About the pool

- Pools are cleaned daily as stated before, all of them have periodic cleaning times, pool water is never dropped (in order to provide circulation), pool water is not changed for each guest. The exchange fee of 4,000 TL (as of 2020) is charged from our guests who insist on changing it.

+ Welcome package

- The content is shaped according to the demands of our guests and pricing is made according to the request content.

+ A different topic

- If you want us to help with something different

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