- After the reservation form is filled and your reservation is approved by Solo Villa, the front payment has to be done to the bank account of Solo Villa which is 30 Percent. After the payment reservation contract will be prepared and will be send to you by e-mail.


+Check-in & Check-out 

General check in time is 15:00, Check out time is 10:00. As solo villa we show flexibility for the check-in and out times depends on the availibility 


+ Deposit

- Solo Villa ask to clients to pay an amount of 500 Turkish lira as a deposit. At the Check out momet one of our representative will be there to check the property after the control all amount will be paid back to the client.


+ Accommodation capacity 

- Maximum capacities of the properties are mention on the website. If the clients arrive to the property with more people than that they agreed extra payment can be asked or the reservation cancellation is possible without a refund.


+ Pets 

- Apart from the mentioned Villas, pets are absulutely not allowed. 


+ Front payment 

- Guests whom wish to proceed the rental has to make a front payment in an amount of 30 Percent of the total payment. Front payment can be done by Western Union or bank transfer unfortunately paypal money transfers are not possible in Turkey. After the front payment reservations are being confirmed. Cancellation policies are mentioned at Rental Conditions section.


+Extra expenses / Services included to the price

- At SoloVilla web site all the extra expenses and services that included to the prices are mentioned at the explanations of the villa or at the main page on the rigt site of the main page.


+ What should i bring 

- At the villas and apartments all the neccecities are provided Villa or Apartments in an avarage level. If there would be something which is neccecary and not exist our employees will provide your needs within the day as soon as possible.  We do not provide Beach towels at the villas or apartments.


+Pool and Garden Maintenance

- Pool and garden maintenance of the villas are being made daily and the medicine supplies are being done in case of need of the swimming pool. Beware  that  gardeners can arive early in the morning and in the afternoon. If you do not see the gardener that doesnt mean that the gardener didnt arrive. As Solo Villa our priority is to provide you a clean and stressfre holiday.



-Villas and apartments are being cleaned the same day or day before you arrive to your holiday home. Weekly cleanings are being made in every 7 days and an extra charge is not being asked.


+ Minumum Accommodation 

- Minumum accommodation is a flexible matter depends on the house owners rules can be 3 nights to 5 nights but in any case if the holiday period is less than 7 days cleaning fee can be required.



- Solo Villa highly suggest to the clients to make a travel insurance before they start to their holiday at their villas. The insurance that the villas have are the responsibility of the house owners and they do not cover your holiday period problems. 


+Vehicle necessities

- To all our clients we do reccommend a car or similiar vehicle for them not to have transportation problems.


+Car Rentals

-  Solo Villa doesnt have the authority  rent car or daily tour organisations. Only by request Solo Villa suggest to clients what they require to receive as a service.



- In our website at the About us section, you can find the legal tax number and all the rest of our informations. You can check where the villas are at gooogle street view from their marking on the explaniations part of each villa.


+Extreme Pool Requests 

- Cleaning of the Pools had been mentioned before. Water level of the pools can not be changed to provide the circulation. water in the pool can not be changed for each client. if the client insist too much and willing to pay for it it will take 1 day and an amount of 4.000 Turkish Lira.


+ Welcome Pack 

- Welcome packs are being prepared according to the wishes of the client and the pricing is made according to the contanings.


+ About a Different Matter 

- If you need an assistance about a different matter please Contact Us.