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Completely Different Experiences in Calis Holiday It is one of the most well-known and beloved places not only in our country but also in the world. Work. Even being very close to Fethiye has not been the best for him to gain this reputation. With its features and wonderful beach, Çalış holiday is now waiting for you for a completely different breath. Also known as Koca Çalış, this area is 45 kilometers from the airport. Likewise, in this area, which is approximately 25 kilometers from Ölüdeniz beaches, you will be waiting for a holiday that will satisfy the sea. You can actively use accommodation options in this area, which offers you a wonderful environment, nature and clean sea in terms of features. Especially if you prefer a villa holiday, it will always provide more efficient and satisfying results for you. A unique holiday awaits you in this area that attracts foreigners as well as local tourists. Places To Enjoy The Beach You will have a unique, different and comfortable holiday in this area, which offers a unique and different environment in every respect. In this wonderful environment, you can make the most wonderful accommodation with fresh air, natural foods and of course Calis villa rental methods. Offering incredible opportunities for sea enthusiasts, Çalış and its vicinity are also preferred due to its proximity to Fethiye. You can reach Calis beach in a very short time by walking from the center. Therefore, your stays in this region will allow you to dominate everywhere. The most important feature of the beach in the Calis region is its coolness even in the hottest summer months. In this sense, we can say that it is an area famous for its coolness. You will not even feel the temperature, which is around 35 in July and August. You can always find the most active options for the best rental villa accommodation in the system and evaluate immediately. The Amazing Advantages of Calis Villa Holiday You were a small, calm place, but valuable with what it gave you. Çalış. In this sense, you can choose the center for accommodation and take advantage of a calm and satisfying holiday. Calis rental villa options will provide you with the most different results while meeting all your expectations in the most appropriate way. You can actively tour the region and take advantage of nature and sea opportunities. In this unique environment, you always feel your soul relaxed. There are countless areas that you can tour around on a daily basis. Within a few hours you can see numerous natural and historical sites that can be visited. In addition, by renting a villa, you will always have a comfortable holiday, like at home.

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